Director’s Welcome Address

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development is a training point for entrepreneurs and the melting-pot for creating, testing, and developing entrepreneurship ideas for wealth creation and employment generation. It should be noted that before the National Universities Commission directed that all universities in Nigeria to establish entrepreneurship centres in order to reduce the level of unemployment, Adekunle Ajasin University had envisioned that self-reliance training was the direction to go in order to solve the problem of youth unemployment. The University formally established the Centre in 2008 with a mandate to teach students entrepreneurship skills for wealth creation. The Centre has grown over the years and has enthroned a new platform and programme in order to effectively fuse the activities of the Centre with the University’s vision.


To serve as a viable link between students and successful entrepreneurs by effectively identifying, shaping, and sharpening the talents, skills, and passions of students for wealth and employment creation.


  • Provide students, artisans, and young entrepreneurs with basic business and financial literacy;
  • Make lecture administration more effective, exciting, and student-friendly; and
  • Provide robust learning, interactive, and mentorship opportunities for students.


Our operations are centred on the following:

  • Organizing workshops and seminars with e-learning opportunities for students, artisans, and young entrepreneurs.
  • Providing mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities for students, artisans, and young entrepreneurs.
  • Using feedback mechanism to track the success and improvement needs of the programme.
  • Establishment of cottage industries to facilitate the mentorship and apprenticeship programme and generate funds for the University.
  • Collaborating with other agencies, organizations, and individuals involved in entrepreneurship.

Welcome to CED …the Centre of possibilities in the 21st Century University; properly called!

Prof. A. E. Gbadamosi